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Evaluation of agricultural sites / crop strategy / biodiversity valorisation order generic cialis / Depollution / Marketing / agricultural design & Development

Soil diagnosis, evaluation of a site, of its’ potential & sustainability :

  • Soil diagnosis with bio indicator plants, complete, swift and efficient on any kind of scale, compilation of the biodiversity and its’ potential;
  • Identification of the edaphic ressources : detection of sustainable sources of water by radar satellite imagery;
  • Evalutation of the yields in regard with the agricultural practices, the sustainability of the soils in regards with the agricultural practices.

Coaching to establish win-win-win strategies : people-the planet- business profits :

  • Result oriented agricultural strategies.
  • Protocoles for better agricultural practices : better profitability, lesser carbon footprint.
  • Better understanding and value of the human capital : to catch a global shift in thinking and acting, comprehensive, collaborative and positive.

Dépollution selon des procédés naturels pour relancer la biodiversité :

  • Setting restoration protocoles for desertified, eroded or ruined by agricultural practices;
  • myco depollution to redynamise bacterial energy and biodiversity;
  • agricultural wastes management and profitable convertions.

Marketing & agricultural design :

  • Diversification toward good added value market oriented crops;
  • Initiation to biodynanmic and nature oriented agriculture;
  • Agricultural Design : conception and development of equipment and tehniques, case by case.

Development :

  • Food security and Autosuffisancy et self sufficiancy;
  • Adaptation of agricultural pratices to the culture and ressources of any type of farm or indiginous communities;
  • Coaching in design : conception, product development and packaging – artisan, fashion, food, food complements , beauty, decoration…


Estancia Pampa Grande (Argentine) :

Coaching and agriculture strategy on 100 000 acres breeding and cultivation, 7000 cattle, 1000 horses, 2 400 ha cultivated, 50 familiess working :

  • Diagnosis of the soil, evaluation of the global profitability in regards to the agricultural pratices ;
  • Progressiv evolution towards biodynamy, development of special rich crops from the Andes to provide food security, self sufficiency and access to high profitability niche markets (food complements, specialties…) ;
  • Depollution from herbicides and hydrocarbures ;
  • Pasture strategies ;
  • Design of a solar barn to dry hay in the rain season, design of bee-hives for neophytes, development of waste management technics to produce bio diesel with micro algaes…
  • Formulation of food complements and herbal medicine with the Science University of Tucuman and a odontalgic laboratory in Buenos Aires. Creation of a line of herbal toothpaste using the biodiversity of medicinal plants;

Domain Rurhof (Hautes phagnes Belgium) : 600 acres organic, 280 cattle, 50 horses :

  • Diagnosis of the pastures.
  • Agricultural strategy and pasture mangemement.
  • Development of medicinal crops.

Sasape (Lambayeque-Pérou) : 1400 acres on 32 000 acres

  • Identification of sustainable water sources with radar satellite imagery;
  • Restoration of desert soil into de agricultural soil ;
  • Setting of organic crops as a show case tp form the workers who are going to be in charge of the remaining 30 000 acres ;

Tika Papa (Pérou) : development and marketing of the original biodiversity of potato in the Andes, in collaboration with A&SBiodiversity (Lima) :

  • Advise on organic agriculture and organic labelling;
  • Advisor for an organisation of 8000 small producers in the Andes, dévelopment, distribution, logistics ;
  • Design of product lines, packaging, marketing, professional food fairs;


• Advisor for DOITUNG Thailand’s Royal Foundation, advisor for PROMPEX – Peruvian government agency for export,
• Product and event designers : fashion accesories with artisans from the world and communication concepts and products (Love Sweets for Galerie Lafayette Gourmets, aphrodisiac gloss for Sephora, Spa exhibition Le Bon Marché…)