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The “Tika Papa” project : 3 international medals for food security and development

March 18th, 2009

Since 2004 we are consultants for the T’ikapapa project in the Andes to support

fao-med-filteredin  Peru, the origin of the potato and its’ biodiversity. We are working on its’ dvelopment, its’ organic agriculture, fairtrade, the creation of product lines, design and esthetic, its’ distribution.

Tika Papa has been granted with 3 international awards for the environment and development among the most prestigious in the world.

The 2006 Gold Medal of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation) for food security.

The SEED AWARD 2007 from the United Nations, the UNDP and the UNEP (UN Programmes for Development and Environment)seed award

The NEWSWEEK & BBC WORLD CHALLENGE 2007 elected by the viewers best development project of the year.

bbc_world.news_week-filteredbbc world challenge

The first eatable wall made with the microplants at SIAL PARIS

November 29th, 2008

SIAL is THE World food fair.

They have given us all the liberty with the agency of Annie Ziliani, Novale Next, to set the trends and select the leading products throughout the world and design the stand “Trends & innovations” (stand of 250sqm


Among the creations for this event we designed the first eatable wall made with the microplants of Koppert Cress : sakura, shizo, … each day the wall grows and the visitors eat…

We organised as well a demonstration of the French forbidden tomatoes. All the tomatoes which are not on the official French list and therefore forbidden to the market. But at the same time they are part of the French historic gastronomy and have their place on the best restaurant menus such as Lasserre in Paris.

  • 4 spaces to display the trends with sented videos.
  • Products such as sea urchins and sea anemones cryogenised to preserve the texture.
  • Rare wines such as dominio di Bagnoli
  • The wine of the Popes since 900.

It also led to the creation of many prospective products which are in the process of entering the market….