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1st Book Prize for the Manifesto of Wild Plants “Manifeste Gourmand des herbes folles” : a growing intelligence between nature and agriculture ?

August 22nd, 2013

The Manifeste Gourmand des Herbes Folles recieves its’ 1st book prize on August the 25 th 2013, at the occasion of the 18th edition of the “Forêt des Livres” at Chanceau-prés-Loche, in Touraine. Sauvages comestibles foret des livres 2013
The Forest of Books is the WOODSTOCK of French litterature , 60 000 visitors in a day, 200 writers among the more mediatic celebs of the time… under the lead of the flamboyant Gonzague Saint Bris and this year the patron of the Minister of Agriculture, Stéphane Le Foll, who is supposed to reward the wild plants.. weeds, just imagine, bio indicator plants, recieving a book prize from the minister of agriculture : Here is the Gourmet Manifesto becoming Revolutionary !
Agriculture by rewarding the Manifeste Gourmand des Herbes Folles gives a tribute to culture, the knowledge of nature; thanking the important work of weeds instead of fighting them always. These plantes which nourrish us without needing to be cultivated, which give us valuableand precise information on the soil to enhance our crops, while giving us precious health support… are suddenly becoming important for the Minister ? Is Agriculture getting suddenly interested by the sciences of life ?
Lets hope so : our future, the one of the farmers depends on it. What a good news : a beginning of the year full of panache and gourmandise.
cuisine sauvage Manifeste Gourmand des Herbes Folles